About Us

We are four generations of artists who come together to bring you quality products and fresh designs.  Our collaborative talents span the board from textiles to paper to silversmithing.  Our storage spaces, workshops, and studios overflow with raw materials, and we long for more hours in the day to create.  Our minds wander to the next project before we have time to finish the first!  The oldest and youngest in our generational lineup play a major part in the inspiration, consultation, and creative juice that goes into each and every piece.  The mother and daughter team in the middle do most of the designing, physical labor and internet management.  Together, we are Those Greathouse Women, and we look forward to sharing our talents with you.

Jaime received her degree from Purdue University in art/design, and has been selling handcrafted arts since she was a child.  She is an award winning photographer, and spent her college years interning for a commercial photographer and textile designer.  Later she designed several lines of greeting cards that were sold nationally in boutiques and museum gift shops.  She has dabbled in many mediums over the years, including the design and execution of a large wall mural for a children’s nature center.  She and her husband of twelve years have three children and live in the wilds of Indiana.  When she is not chasing children (or sewing I Spy Bags), she can be found reupholstering vintage furniture, decorating elaborate baked goods, or soldering silver jewelry of her own design.

Phoebe is Jaime’s mom, and has enjoyed many successes thus far in her art career.  She received her degree from Indiana University in theater /costume design.  She owned a small group of gift shops in the early years, and eventually branched out to become an individual handcrafted artist selling her wares to museum and craft shops around the country. Phoebe designed the dolls for a Masterpiece Theater movie set and her art has appeared in several magazines and books over the years.  She is currently working on a multidimensional art project involving a book and traveling “museum” exhibition.  She lives in a lake house in Indiana during the warmer months, and a classic sailboat in Key West Harbor during the winter. Water is definitely a source of inspiration for this Greathouse Woman.

Suszane is Phoebe’s mother and Jaime’s grandmother. She is an honorary Greathouse Woman.  She lives in a modern tree house set on a quiet lake in northern Indiana.  She is full of energy and life, and loves to work with natural materials.  She is known for the wonderful costumes she makes for her great grandchildren and for her eclectic sense of style.

Etta, the littlest Greathouse Woman, is Jaime’s daughter.  At just 8 years old, she has a feisty entrepreneurial spirit!  Besides providing age-appropriate inspiration for Jaime’s I Spy Bag designs, she also assists with construction of the bags.  Additionally, she has created her own products and sews cat toys out of fabric scraps, something she has enjoyed since age four.  An original hand-drawn tag accompanies each toy.  Jaime plans to create a line of stickers based on Etta’s drawings in the near future.

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